To Knit

The image of the granny knitting was left behind. This activity has no age, religion or gender, nor make diferentiation between its followers. It allows you to escape from a busy day or return to the practice of Do it Yourself. Knitting has many benefits such as being productive, relaxing, helping concentration and also making new friends.

Currently people talk about its advantages and certainly has it. Through the process of knitting we get to know different aspects of our personality. As knitters we know that every stitch reflects our mood and therefore every garment we create is unique.

Through our knitting workshops, we have known a variety of people and can point out this activity is effective as a healing therapy. Recommended for many treatments, it should support recovering from a broken heart to improving your motor skills resulted from complex brain operations.

We have many things to be thankful for in life, but in this context, I am thankful that this activity allows us to create. We not only create new products with our hands but also a wellness environment that starts from the use of our environmentally friendly raw materials. Organic alpaca and vegetable cotton. But also the cheerful and motivating working environment with our knitting groups. Those that give life to a yarn thread. We can ensure this company do not knit by trend, but because loves to do so!

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