The company

“AMA reflect the objective with this company, simply to love who we are, what we do, and what we have”.

We are specialists in the manufacturing cycle for knitting garments, with a team widely experienced in the manufacturing of knitting in alpaca and cotton. Both at industrial machine techniques and handmade techniques

Value Proposal

Widely expertise in:

a) Strategic planning of the manufacturing cycle

b) Design, development and sampling

c) Production

D) Quality Control

E) Innovation in hand-knitting tecniques and yarns supply.

The triple bottom line


Promoting hand-knitting tecniques as well as upcycling processes to innovate in the textil knitting industry. Main of the supplies for our collections are result of "upcycling" processes.


By the promotion of handmade knitting by women coming from vulnerable situations. By prioritizing the working with manufactures offering a good working environment for its workers.


By enhanced working and economic conditions for the groups of knitters we work with. By incorporating principles of circular economy into the sector and its yarns supply processes


The founders comes from a family of artisans and knitters. Their experience come from both the alpaca manufacturing sector and the impact investment sector. This way offering a value proposal supported on experience, innovation with a sustainibility focus.